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I Bet You Didn't See... The Magic Christian


I put that "Contains Spoilers" warning on all my reviews, but I don't know what I just watched here.

What it was, was a large amount of 1960's psychedelia weaved between a series of bizarre little sketches that have a vague story linking them together.

Starr and Sellers

So, from what I can work out, Peter Sellers plays an eccentric rich businessman, Sir Guy Grand, who just throws money about at everything and everyone in order to do what he wants. After adopting a homeless man (Ringo Starr) to be his heir, the two go on a journey of paying off officials and police, buying artwork and rigging things just for a laugh that he doesn't actually laugh at. He bribes the Oxford Rowing team to destroy Cambridge's boat in the Boat Race!

Christopher Lee plays a... yeah...

I don't know about some other scenes, though. They wind up a train passenger with a psychedelic scene of stuff after watching what can only be described as "Strip Hamlet". And upon The Magic Christian itself, it all goes manic and chaotic which appears to be the doing of Sir Guy Grand, but it serves no real purpose!

I get the impression it is all to make the point that everyone has their price. But I don't know. It was... well... it fitted the 1960's, Peter and Ringo, and had several references to The Goon Show in it, which did make me chuckle.

Richard Attenborough (Left)

The film has a huge cast of cameos, including John Cleese, Richard Attenborough, Spike Milligan, Raquel Welch, Yul Brynner, Graham Chapman and Christopher Lee.

I really don't know what it is about, but if you are a Sellers fan, enjoy wild 60's psychedelic comedies or just want an experience, I say go for it! I just won't be going for it again...

Directed by: Joseph McGrath

Screenplay by: Terry Southern, Joseph McGrath

Based on: "The Magic Christian" by Terry Southern

Starring: Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, Richard Attenborough, Christopher Lee, Spike Milligan, John Cleese, Raquel Welch, Yul Brynner, Graham Chapman

Release Date: December 12th, 1969

My Rating: I'm not sure this is possible/10

Youngman Grand (Starr) and Sir Guy Grand (Sellers)

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