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My Ratings

A Guide

I rate all the films I review out of 10. I've never really understood ratings myself, so I have written a guide for you. Just remember - it's all based on my opinions, so just have fun with them!

10 - A 'Must See' film for every reason possible. You can't possibly have any excuse not to love this film. It's awesome. It's fantastic. 

9 - Brilliant. Entertaining, fun and/or historically significant. Worth every minute.

8 - Really good. Special moments and should be on your 'to-see' list, even if it's just for you to say "I watched that".

7 - Fun and entertaining. Some holes and issues but always worth watching.

6 - Alright. More good points than bad, just worth watching for a laugh.

5 - It's okay. There are better out there but it works.

4 - Not great. Below average really. Many issues and problems. You might find the issues funny.

3 - Yeah... no. At least they tried. Not worth it.

2 - Not worth it at all. If you watch it, don't come crying to me for those two hours back.

1 - No. Just no. Watch at your own peril. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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