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I Bet You Didn’t See… Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants

Updated: Jan 13

Contains Spoilers!!!

I love this little film. I think it’s really clever, considering there is no dialogue at all. It’s charming, cute, funny, and moving. It’s amazing how the animator managed to make a feature film engaging and keep moving smoothly through the story with only musical instruments to communicate to the audience.

The basic story follows a newly hatched ladybug. Our little ladybug friend gets bullied by some flies and he loses a wing, as well as his family. [insert sad face]

The ladybug begins an adventure with a group of Black Ants after he is caught up in their raid on an abandoned picnic. Not being able to fly, he begins a long trek back to the anthill, cascading down a river carrying their newly acquired tin of sugar cubes. Soon, they are being chased by a group of mean (and excessively angry) Red Ants, who want the sugar. And they will not stop. The film follows this chase through the country to the anthill, where the final battle happens. The Rad Ant army marches on the Black Ant’s home. It’s quite an explosive ending, with fireworks and avalanches, and we see how the insects work together.

What I love so much about this film is the use of music and instruments. Each insect has its own instrument that portrays its sound and communication, and they all understand each other. While you do not know what they are saying to each other, it is done so well that you aren’t bothered by it. You either make up your own dialogue in your head, or you just go with it and let it engross you. It’s incredible how you learn about each character with no dialogue, no exposition to tell you why they do that. It’s far more interesting that way.

And as it is the world of insects, everything is massive! I can honestly say that, watching it on the big screen, I was absorbed it. The scale they had put it on made me feel as small as an ant, but it was amazing to feel like that!

I found myself really rooting for Cox the Ladybug and his troop of ant friends. I wanted to cheer when things went well and I wanted to hide in fear when things looked bad. I rarely feel that with films like this. Usually, I find a bit that makes me cringe or want to skip past, but not this time. I wanted to be in amongst the sugar cubes on the river with all of them. It was brilliant.

I urge you to watch it and when you do, wait until the very end to find out what happens with the curator of the Black Ant’s collection of human things.

Directed by: Helene Giraud, Thomas Szabo

Written by: Helene Giraud, Thomas Szabo

Released: January 29, 2014

My Rating: 9/10

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