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Lights, Keyboard... Action!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Welcome one and all!

I am a self-professed amateur film buff. I love watching a whole range of films from fantasy action-adventures to historical dramas. I have a large collection of films at home, and I look out for unusual and new things on the various streaming platforms available to us now.

I have decided to write a series of blogs and reviews of the more unusual and lesser-known films I have seen. I like to watch those films that don’t get the mainstream advertising that big production pieces do, or old films that you really must look hard for. I will also be diving into the ludicrous and fantastic world of Roger Corman’s ‘B-Movies’, as well as little animated films that are fun for everyone.

There is a myriad of films across the world people are missing out on. Films going back to the earliest days of cinema and films sneaking into the streaming platforms we have never heard of.

I hope everyone enjoys my reviews, and I hope it brings about discussion. I would love to hear from readers about suggestions of films to watch and opinions on my reviews, especially if you watch one from my reviews.

Many thanks!

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